Legends traditional martial arts academy

Looking For A Traditional Martial Arts School?

Legends Traditional Martial Arts Academy in Hurst, Texas is home to Legends Martial Arts. We offer powerful, comprehensive martial arts instruction for children, teens and adults. Our program builds martial artists from the ground up. You will begin with the basic foundation of strengthening, conditioning and self-defense as you learn the building block techniques of the system. Your skill set and physical abilities will improve every class.

Top Martial Arts Classes

Legends Traditional Martial Arts Academy offers instruction that may at first glance seem similar to other excellent programs in the Hurst, Texas area such as Tae Kwon Do, Karate and Kickboxing. But with a closer look, it is clear that the difference lies in the history and value offered at this great traditional martial arts school. At Legends we offer our students the chance to do more than martial arts trianing – they can become instructors, competitive black belts, and learn life skills.

Legends Traditional Martial Arts Academy, located in Hurst, Texas, concentrates on students becoming not only powerful but champions in life. We offer a Path that will give you insight into yourself and your life. Adults, teens, and children alike become more capable of dealing with stress and conflict, as well as becoming more focused, balanced and confident, as they untangle the confusing web of life.

A Modern Approach, With A Traditional Feel

Legends Traditional Martial Arts Academy is Hurst’s best source for innovative, life-changing martial arts training. What we offer is more than just self-defense and physical fitness – we offer an experience. Our classes are high energy, challenging, fun and set in a positive, supportive environment. Legends Martial Arts provides powerful martial arts instruction for our students with an understanding that the experience can transform lives. This transformation is found through self-awareness and balance.

At Traditional Martial Arts Academy, we offer transformation through the study of Hurst’s most comprehensive martial arts experience: transformation of your Mind, Body and Spirit and ultimately — your Life!