Breakdown of Martial Arts Curriculum

Basics – Basics are essentially the hand and foot sparring techniques we teach in our system. Our basics are derived from the art forms of Tae Kwon Do and Western Boxing.

Kata – Kata is the art form of karate and is invaluable for physical and mental conditioning. Quite simply, kata is a prearranged set of stances, strikes, and blocks performed against multiple, imagined attackers. Kata is a necessary part of training our minds to think geometrically and our bodies to instinctively move properly. Our katas come from the art form of Tae Kwon Do.

Self defense – This is perhaps the most diverse section of our curriculum. We use techniques from many styles of martial arts and blend them together fluidly and efficiently. You will be required to defend against numerous holds, strikes, and weapons. Our self defense techniques are from the art forms of Muay Thai, Aikido, and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

Sparring / Grappling – Sparring and grappling are easily explained as the sport aspect of karate. We wear head, foot, hand, mouth, and groin protectors (when sparring) to facilitate a safe environment for practicing our techniques against an opponent. This part of our training is practically the only way to assure that what we are learning will work in a real life situation. Our sparring follows the open karate tournament (all styles compete together) point “kumite” type of sparring, and Brazilian “Gi” grappling.

-Martial Arts Curriculum –

Standards and Etiquette:

  1. Always address others, especially authority figures with sir or ma’am – NEVER by; hey! yeah, uh huh, nah, or nuh uh.
  2. Always respect other people and their boundaries.
  3. Always be honest – no matter what.
  4. Always listen to what you say to others, do not be hurtful with your tongue.
  5. Always be careful not to be judgmental or opinionated in your head.
  6. Always pay attention to what you are hearing, seeing, or doing – stay in the moment and on task – focus.
  7. Always watch what you put in your body. If you don’t want to look like garbage, DO NOT EAT IT!
  8. Never horseplay karate, EVER! But do practice it! At least two hours per week at home, every week!
  9. Try to perform a thoughtful deed each and every day
  10. Always obey parents and authority figures – cheerfully!
  11. Most importantly, respect yourself, appreciate yourself, and believe in yourself. If you do this, the first ten things will be quite simple.

Student Creed:

To build true confidence through knowledge in the mind,
honesty in the heart, and strength in the body.
To keep friendship with one another
and to build a strong community.
Never fight to achieve selfish ends,
but to develop – MIGHT for RIGHT!
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