When it comes to being able to defend yourself, there is a great deal of debate about the best ways to respond to an attack that occurs on the street. However, there is also a great deal of debate about which type of attack is most likely to occur and how that will impact the type of self defense techniques that must be used. Unfortunately, there is not really a single answer when it comes to the types of attacks that are the most common. Instead, it is largely broken up according to age groups.

Younger individuals appear to be more vulnerable to would be attackers, and therefore, they are usually targeted for robberies. This largely happens to people that are teenagers or young adults. Older individuals, on the other hand, are typically the victims of assaults. Sometimes it is because they know the individual who has assaulted them and other times it is a random occurrence where they have no idea who the attacker even is.

Most people think of the idea of walking along a dark and deserted street or a dark parking lot at night as being one of the most dangerous things that anyone can do. To a point, this is true. After all, this is where most robberies are more likely to occur. However, assault can occur in almost any location, both public and private. This is especially true if the individual that is being assaulted knows the person that is attacking them because it may be the result of personal differences where the attacker feels as though he or she needs to make a point.

However, there is one standard that exists throughout all of these different possible circumstances. In the overwhelming number of attacks on the street, people are attacked with a knife as opposed to a gun. It is relatively easy to assume that the method of self defense would not change that much depending on whether the attack is based on an assault or a robbery. However, it may change a great deal depending on whether or not the assailant has a gun or a knife. This is because knives are usually easier to defend against for someone that is adept at self defense.

When it is all said and done, prevention is still the best form of self defense. This includes not putting oneself into a situation where something could occur or where it is more likely to happen than in other circumstances. However, regardless of how careful an individual is, there may come a time when that individual is in a situation where self defense becomes necessary. In that case, the individual will have to make the decision about which actions to take a based on the particular situation that is at hand as well as things such as how many people are involved and the types of weapons that are being used. This will have an impact on the self defense techniques that are used. For someone that is well trained in martial arts, these are all variables that can be processed in a minimum amount of time in order to help the person come up with a viable means of self defense and subsequent escape.