History records J. Pat Burleson as America’s karate pioneer and “father” of all karate champions. Winning the 1st U.S. Karate Championship in 1964, his karate career actually began in Japan in 1957. He holds the highest American Taekwondo ranking under the “father” of American Taekwondo, Jhoon Rhee.

Mr. Burleson has featured stories about his achievements in local and U.S. news magazines, movies, and TV. He is a movie and stunt actor with regular appearances on the C.B.S. television show, “Walker, Texas Ranger.” He widely travels the world as a speaker and trainer. He was recently the special training and motivational coach for the Sac State football team.

His school (dojo) was not only a Dallas/Fort Worth pioneer that was established in 1959, but was one of the original karate schools founded in America, with over 250,000 graduates to date.