Are you looking for family Kung Fu classes?  SiFu Brian’s Hung Gar Kung Fu Academy is a family oriented Kung Fu school dedicated to teaching Kung Fu to all ages from beginner to advanced.  You will learn traditional Hung Gar Kung Fu, train with weapons, and learn proper body conditioning for competitions.

The Kung Fu curriculum includes:

  •    Traditional Hung Gar Kung Fu
  •    Ground Fighting
  •    Self -Defense
  •    Weapons Training
  •    Qi Gong
  •    Chin Na
  •    Push Hands
  •    Body Conditioning

Can I Sign Up My Entire Family To The Kung Fu Academy?

Absolutely, SiFu Brian trains students of all ages starting from 5 to Seniors.  It is recommended that you include your family in this program. Learning Kung Fu is very exciting and is also very challenging.  Your family will benefit by learning Kung Fu together in a safe family friendly environment.

Family Kung Fu


Sifu Brian has been practicing martial arts for over 20 years. After studying Hung Gar for only 3 years with Grand Master Chiu Mo, he became an assistant instructor and was one of the few students given permission to open his own school. Sifu Brian has also studied the art of chin na and specializes in fighting skills, control of the body’s energy, and muscle conditioning. In addition to learning Hung Gar Sifu Modrzejewski has pursued the art of Kali, and ground fighting to add to his martial arts knowledge.

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