At Legends, we are aware that each person has a different level of personal comfort with meeting in public spaces. To better serve you, we are offering three different types of training to best suit your needs. Our current special will give you 30 days of free classes and your required uniform for $19.99! Sign up today as this is a limited offer.

By registering today, you can choose one of these types of training:

  • In-person group classes
  • Private lesson
  • Personal training sessions over Zoom

*offer available to students who have not attended Legends within the last year.


Please choose your preferred class-type below to receive 30 days of classes plus your uniform for $19.99.

Our in-person Adult & Teen Class currently is currently open for Monday & Wednesday classes only. Private Lessons and Zoom Classes are still available to Adults & Teens. 

In-person Group Classes

  • For those ready to train at the dojo, you can attend as many group classes each week as you desire at the dojo in Hurst. These are group classes that last approximately 45 minutes each and can be seen on the class calendar.

Private Lessons

  • For those not ready for group classes, you can receive one in-person private training lesson per week from a Satori certified instructor. This lesson lasts approximately 30 minutes.

Zoom Lessons

  • If you are not ready to train at the dojo, you can take your lessons via Zoom within the comfort of your own home. You will be able to work with a private instructor to schedule two 30-minute private instructions each week.