Are you addicted to Martial Arts?

It has been said that we should make moderation our goal-in all things, but then what happens to our passions?
Martial Arts is one of the oldest sports in existence. It is highly effective as a
self-defense mechanism. Being able to defend oneself and one’s loved ones under dangerous circumstances is just as imperative today as it was in past centuries.
Martial Arts is also a traditional means of teaching respect and self-control, and has the additional benefit of promoting fitness and increasing strength, coordination, and

Benefits of Martial Arts Training:

  • Martial art encourages fitness. It improves the vascular system, firms up the muscular system, and increases strength.
  • Coordination improves and flexibility increases due to range of motion exercises.
  • Martial art training has a mental and spiritual aspect which improves the mind’s focus; individuals learn to control emotions such as fear and anger, through MA training.
  • Helps an individual feel energized; Inner peace is promoted.
  • Stress is better managed, and self-confidence increases
  • Children usually become more disciplined and confident from the formalities of martial arts classes; Martial arts kids learn respect and are usually very well behaved.
  • Training in martial arts is usually broken down into small steps. As one makes progress, a feeling of self-confidence comes with accomplishment.

Today, the web is crawling with comments about the possibility of “Martial Arts addiction.“
Are you addicted to martial arts? Answer the questions below to find out:

1.Does your closet contain many martial arts t-shirts?
2.How about your dishes?
3.Do you always drink from a martial arts coffee mug or martial arts glassware?
4.Does your vehicle reek of martial arts styling
5.Do you practice fancy footwork at the grocery store

Four out of six is a positive. If you are addicted to martial arts, it’s like any other type of addiction; there are only a few options. You can quit cold turkey, taper off slowly, or shrug your shoulders and head for your next MA class.
Let’s face it-one can do worse than being addicted to Martial Arts!